I'd like to preface my argument with an anecdote whose significance will soon become apparent.

Tamara has set her heart on becoming a ballet-dancer.

The weather is going to change soon I can feel it in my bones.

I'm sure I was invited to join the committee as the token woman.

Contrary to popular belief, Pluto is not a planet.

The country has few natural resources and its economy has been ailing for some time now.

Marlene is quite indefatigable - I don't know she manages to fit everything in.

There is a very strong movement now against blood sports like hunting or shooting.

Ever year many small companies get swallowed up by large multinationals.

The upshot of things was that he was sacked from a job that he had held for over twenty years.

James never really broke the rules but he did bend a little bit when it suited him.

It was so hot in the restaurant that, after half an hour, we were all starting to wilt.

In the course of his long life in business George G. Matthews amassed a substantial fortune.

I'm afraid that argument really doesn't hold water.

The UN has called for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Maria and Jean had a whirlwind romance thay met and married within two months.

All sides have to accept that the arbitrator's decision will be binding.

Sometimes a pension can provide you with a lump sum on retirement as well aw or instead of monthly income.

It's always nice to see Bella she's such a ray of sunshine.

My sister likes wearing tight tops and close-fitting dresses but I prefer baggy; sweaters and jeans.

Do you have any figures showing the incidence of left-handedness is in the general population?

Serena is still blissfully ignorant of the fact that she is about to be made redundant.

The boys ran out of the old man's garden when he clenched his fist and shook his stick at them.

We'd all been at school together for 12 years and at our leaving celebrations we pledged eternal friendship.

Unfortunately, his report doesn't tally with what we've learnt from other sources.

In her speech the Prime Minister paid tribute to the valuable contributions to society made by voluntary organisations.

I felt an affinity with the writer from his descriptions of a world that seemed to have a great deal in common with my own.

I don't think Paul will ever married he's the stereotypical confirmed bachhelor.

Take care that your love for him doesn't cloud your judgement.

A great deal can be deduced about the composer's state of mind from his works at this period.

Anyone who lies under oath will be charged with perverting the course of justice.

I'm looking forward to meeting your new boss you've been singing his praises ever since he arrived.

The book alludes to a number of interesting research studies which I would really like to find out more about.

One of the most powerful pressure gropes in the country is the road and car lobby, which opposes any legislation that will increase taxes specifically for them.

Sources in France suggested that further concessions would be needed before they would agree to a deal.

After the football match the crowds poured out of the stadium into the nearest bars and cafes.

Why not buy the dress on approval then you can take it back if it doesn't fit your mother.

Although the twins look identical, they have widely divergent opinions on almost every topic under the sun.

It's as if that silly argument we had has driven a wedge between us and we've lost all our old closeness.

The nuclear industry generates most of the country's electrical power.

If you say you'd like a dash of cream on you're your strawberries then you don't want very much cream.

I'm afraid we got our wires crossed I thought my husband would be picking up the children and he thought I was doing it.

What do you perceive as the main issues affecting the situation?

Not many people are good at assessing their own abilities and Mark must be commended for recognising that he would never become a great musician.

It was a close call but we just made it to the airport on tome for our flight.

The recently discoverd documents lend credence to Professor Vaughan's interpretation of events.

Most critics praise that actor's work but I think he's rather over-rated.

The princess's nanny's autobiography really gives the low-down on life among the royals.

The children's interest inplaying the game soon flagged.

The government is doing all it can to wage war on dangerous driving.
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