Try as I might, I couldn't turn the key.

I can reassure you that everything will bw dealt with as quickly as possible.

If the decision had been taken before he arrived, he would have been furious.
take a decision 決断する、決定を行う

Did you really understand all that he said?

I had no sooner told her what I thought of her than I wished I'd held my tougue.
no sooner ~ than ~するや否や…
hold one's tongue 口をつぐむ、黙っている

No offence intended but I think you haven't understood the problem correctly.

We were at a disadvantage in that we did not have a very good knowledge of the language the others were using.

Thank you very much - I haven't been to so enjoyable a party for ages.

Why do you object to him being taken on - he'll be an asset to the company?
take on 仲間に入れる、雇用する、採用する
asset 貴重な存在、財産

Capital punishment was done away with in Britain nearly half a century ago.
be done away with なくなる、廃止される

My daughter is planning to spend a year before university working in Australia, which seems to me to be a sensible idea.

The President resigned; the whiff of scandal remained nevertheless.
nevertheless それにもかかわらず

His grandfather often dozes off in front of the TV after dinner.

The more I get to know him, the less I like him.

I benefited a great deal from taking that online trading course.

Please come and see me any day you like.

Whereas he should have spent all the weekend preparing for his test, he in fact just lay in bed watching videos.
Whereas ~であるのに対して[反して]、~である一方{いっぽう}で、~だがところが◆二者あるいは二つの事柄を比較して大きな差があるときに用いられる。

They live about an hour's drive from here.

In such a complex situation as this mistakes are bound to happen occasionally.

No one wants to have extra homework tonight, do they?

When I first came to Britain it took me a long time to get used to driving on the left.

He crept in lest his parents should wake up.
lest ~しないように、~するといけないから

He escaped by a hair's breadth.

Unfortunately, their house got burgled while they were at the restaurant celebrating their anniversary.

By the time you're my age, you will probably have changed your mind.

I would rather you didn't tell my parents about this.

You'd rather stay at home tonight, wouldn't you?

Were you to chang your mind about handing in your notice, we would be happy for you to stay with us.

If you can win his attention so much the better for you.
so much the better なおさら[返って]好都合だ、いっそう結構だ、大歓迎だ

Kevin'll do well in the job as long as he stays on the right side of the boss.

Only on very rare occasions would the old lady make an appearance before midday.
make an appearance 顔を出す、現れる

I had no difficulty finding their house although they had said that people often said.
have difficulty doing ~するのに苦労する、~するのが困難である

In such a plight did we find ourselves that we had no choice but to radio for help.

Bob couldn't resist adding a moustache to the photo of his Headmaster in the newspaper.

All their children are allowed to do exactly what they like.

I can't imagine any reason why he should have behaved in such an extraordinary way.

I've never heard such a ridiculous speech.

I'm sure he only said those things to annoy me.

I take great exception to the implication that I was not telling the truth.
take exception to ~に異議を申し立てる

The old lady came near to dying of pneumonia but to everyone's amazement she pulled through.

James is stadying with the Greens while he is in New York - their son, Nick Green, will then come back with James for a few weeks over here.

Do you have your house repainted every year?

This time next week I won't be in a stuffy office, I'll be lying on a beach in Spain.

I find it very strange that Meena has not been promoted yet.

We promised to keep in touch whatever happened to us in life.

What with being so busy both at work and at home, she became increasingly tired and bad-tempered.

It was the collaspe of the dotcom boom that finally did for him.

You must phone us as soon as you get home.

Women had to fight to gain equality.

I borrowed a friend of mine's bike and went into town in lunch break.
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