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crossword - winter

1. A snow storm. blizzard

2. To break the ice means to make people eho have not met before feel more relaxed and confortable with each other.

3. The volume and weight of the ice. ice mass

4. The machine used to clear snow from roads and paths. snow plough

5. The areas of a hill or mountain which are used for skiing. ski slopes

6. To change from ice to water. melt

7. When animals sleep through the winter. hibernation

8. A half-pipe is a snowboarding event where the competitior performs special tricks on a curved track.

9. Moving ove ice wearing special shoes with metal blades. skating
by scummy | 2008-06-01 21:44 | BBC

crossword - magic

A thin stick you hold in your hand to do magic tricks. wand

A woman who is believed to have magic power. witch

To speak the words of a spell. cast

An adjective meaning something that uses magic or something very special. magical

If children leave one of their baby teeth under their pillow, while they sleep, the tooth fairy will take it away and leave a gift of some money.

"To have a trick up your sleeve" means that you have a secret plan that you will use at the right time in order to be successful.

A wizard who lived long ago in Britain in the region of King Arthur. merlin

A dead person who has been brought back to life by supernatural magic. zombie

The male equivalent of a witch. warlock

Words used to perform magic. spell
by scummy | 2008-05-26 22:56 | BBC

Colour expressions

1: "I feel sick." "Really? Well you do look a bit green."

If someone looks green, they look ill.

2: When that car cut in front of me I just saw red and swore at the driver.

To 'see red' means to become very angry.

3: "You can't put up my rent. Look at the contract, it's there in black and white."

'Black and white' means it has been written doen in an official document.

4: I tripped over in the street yeaterday and today I'm black and blue.

'Black and blue' means you have a lot of bruises.

5: I said his new haircut made him look good. He spent so much on it that I had to tell a little white lie. It really looks awful.

A white lie is a small lie that you tell so you don't hurt someone's feeling.

6: It's a very formal event. The dress code is strictly black tie.

This is the expression for when a very formal standard of dress is required.
by scummy | 2008-04-20 02:39 | BBC


1. The money you pay for transport. fare

2. Someone who pays to use a form of transport. passenger

3. The tracks laong which a train travels. line

4. An incident during which a train leaves its track. derailment

5. A journey that can be completed without changing trains. direct

6. A train that is travelling east. eastbound

7. A ticket for one journey only. single

8. A station or place where people get on or off a train. stop

9. Someone who travels from home to work and back, repeating the same journey every day. commuter

10. Very fast trains. highspeed
by scummy | 2008-04-08 22:51 | BBC

Feeling worried

1. With so much to do and so little time to do it all I'm feeling pretty stressed-out right now.

2. His heavy drinking is beginning to give us cause for concern.

3. Her mother was worried sick when she didn't come home after school.

4. Three nights ago I had a terrible nightmare and it's been preying on my mind ever since.

5. I wasn't sure, but I had a niggling suspicion she wasn't telling us everything she knew.

6. Petra has a big hang-up about the way she looks and also lacks self-confidence in many other ways.
by scummy | 2008-03-17 00:45 | BBC

Stopping work

1. At the age of 55 he took early retirement and moved to the country.

2. The contract sates that an employee must give 90 days notice of their intention to leave the company.

3. Partners at the law firm may take a 3 month sabbatical after 10 years of service.

4. I was made redundant last year when the company I was working for went bankrupt.

5. A woman can choose to start her maternity leave any time after the beginning of the 11th week before the expected week of childbirth.

6. He hasn't had a job since he was sacked for stealing money from the office.
by scummy | 2008-03-08 13:16 | BBC

crossword - art

1. A painting which represents the qualities of something, not its actual physical appearance. abstract

2. To give somebody the job of making a piece of art, such as a painting or sculpture. commission

3. The material on which an oil painting is done. canvas

4. A painting or drawing of a person. portrait

5. These colours can be mixed together in different ways to make any other colour. primary

6. A style of art which uses colour to create effects of light or feeling. impressionism

7. To paint a rosy picture means to describe something in a particularly positively way.

8. A building where you can see or buy works of art. gallery

9. A painting or drawing of objects such as flowers or fruit is called a still life.

10. A painting of the natural world. landscape
by scummy | 2008-03-03 15:44 | BBC

crossword - the sea & ships

1. The team of people who work together on a ship. crew

2. A kind of fishing using a large net pulled along the bottom of the sea. trawling

3. The bottom of the sea. sea bed

4. A vessel that can travel below the level of the sea. submarine

5. Something which is used to make ships heavier and so more stable. ballast

6. The main part of the body of a boat or ship. hull

7. "There are plenty more fish in the sea" is an idiom which means there are other people available.

8. An enclosed area of water which can be emptied and used for repairing ships. dry dock

9. The long piece of wood or steel along the bottom of a boat that forms part of its structure and helps to keep the boat balanced in the water. keel

10. A nautical mile is a unit of distance of 1,852 meters. It is longer than a land mile (1,609 meters)
by scummy | 2008-02-28 18:21 | BBC


1. My wallet must be somewhere. It can't have just vanished into thin air.

2. Many young people go missing each year, but the majority return home safely within 24 hours.

3. That morning the fog was thick, but by the afternoon it had cleared up and we were able to set off up the mountain.

4. After the operation, the effects of the anaesthetic will take some time to wear off.

5. It's important that you stay out of sight so as not to scare the animals away.

6. Certain animals, such as panda and tigers, are thought to be in danger of dying out.
by scummy | 2008-02-28 18:01 | BBC

Talking about problems

1: Like most married couples, we've had our ups and downs over the years.
If you say that something has had its ups and downs, you mean that it has been involved in positive experiences and negative experiences.

2: The main stumbling block in the negotiations has been the lack of trust on both sides.
A stumbling block is an obstacle that prevents progress from being made.

3: We had some teething problems with the new server but it seems to be fine now.
Teething problems are the small problems something can have at the beginning.

4: I realised too late that my question about the plans for their wedding was likely to open a can of worms - I'd already been told they couldn't agree on anything.
A can of worms is an informal expression that means a very problematic situation.

5: A technical hitch has delayed the launch of the space shuttle.

6: The vicious circle of drug and crime destroys families and ruins lives.
by scummy | 2008-02-16 02:59 | BBC


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