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Dealing with problems

1: New Orleans is a city still grappling with the task of rebuilding itself.

2: She's recently experienced a number of personal problems but seems to be taking it all in her stride and shows the same enthusiasm for life as ever.

3: I have no idea how they will react to the news, so we'll just have to play it by ear.

4: They were finally forced to face up to the truth. Their marrige was a failure.

5: Many governments are now taking steps to reduce smoking in public places.

6: Here are some tips on the best way to handle problem employees.
by scummy | 2008-02-16 02:58 | BBC

Talking about food and drink

1: He was so hungry he wolfed down his bowl of pasta in minutes.

2: I want to lose weight so I've decided to cut out cakes and biscuits.

3: He wasn't at all hungry and just sat there picking at his food.

4: I'm not good at dieting - I eat sensibly all week but then pig out on fast food at the weekend.

5: I was so thirsty I knocked back three glasses of water one after the other.

6: Eat up darling or you'll be late for school.
by scummy | 2008-02-16 02:41 | BBC

crossword - shopping

Someone who's addicted to shopping. shopaholic

A changing room is a room where you can try on clothes before deciding wether to buy them.

A department store is a large shop which sells all kinds of items.

A way of buying and selling products to ensure that the original producer receives a fair price. fairtrade

Something in the sales that is very good value. bargain

A small shop for fashionable and stylish items. boutique

Where you pay for the things you buy at a supermarket. checkout

A corner shop is a small shop near people's homes.

The total amount of goods in a shop. stock

A piece of paper that you get when you have paid for something. receipt
by scummy | 2008-01-16 02:54 | BBC

crossword - theatre

The actors in a play (or film). cast

The most important female character in a play or film is called the female lead.

Instead of wishing an actor good luck, it is traditional to tell him to break a leg.

A booklet sold in a theatre, giving information about the play. programme

The ropes that are used to support the scenery in a theatre. rigging

An actor's part in a play (or film). role

The technical staff of a theatre. crew

If there are no more tickets left for a theatre show, it is sold out.

A play for one actor, or a speech made by one person. monologue

The area of London where most of the theatres are found. West End
by scummy | 2008-01-05 04:00 | BBC

crossword - trees

A person who cuts down trees. lumberjack

Bushes, small trees and plants growing under the trees of a forest. undergrowth

A tropical forest. jungle

To pull a tree out of the ground. uproot

Cutting down trees in order to sell the wood. logging

To cut off branches of a tree. prune

This word is a kind of tree and also the inner surface of your hand between your fingers and your wrist. palm

An evergreen tree with leaves like needles which people put in their house around Christmas time and decorate. pine

The name for a tree that loses its leaves in winter. deciduous

A small branch. twig
by scummy | 2007-12-22 01:35 | BBC

crossword - christmas

Lengths of glittered string which are hung on a Christmas tree. tinsel

A small paper tube which is pulled from each end by two people at Christmas time. cracker

A traditional comic play that theatres in Britain put on throughout the Christmas season. pantomime

A religious or non-religious song about Christmas. carol

The town where it is believed that Jesus was born. Bethlehem

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas.

The period of four weeks leading up to Christmas. advent

Large deer with big horns that are said to pull Father Christmas on his sleigh. reindeer

A small, round pie filled with a mixture of chopped, dried fruit and sugar, traditionally eaten at Christmas. mincepie
by scummy | 2007-12-22 01:34 | BBC

crossword - insect

A mound of earth formed by ants when they are making a nest. anthill

Someone who is very young or very small is knee-high to which insect? grssshopper

Part of an insect that is poisonous and used as a weapon. sting

A small tropical animal with a long tail that has a poisonous sting on the end. scorpion

The network of very fine threads that spiders make to catch insects. web

"No flies on her" means someone who is alert and clever, not easy to decieve.

A soft shell made by na insect to protect it while it is growing. cocoon

An insect or small animal which damages crops of food supplies. pest

If someone is very worried about something and they talk about it all the time, you can say they've got a bee in their bonnet.

"To have butterflies in your stomach" is an idiom meaning, to be very nervous about something.
by scummy | 2007-12-13 19:30 | BBC

crossword - airport / travelling

To fly at a steady speed. cruise

The tiredness you experience after you've flown a long distance. jetlag

Aeroplane petrol: aviation fuel

To move a plane slowly along the ground before or after flying. taxi

The part of an airport, like a road, which planes use when landing at or
taking off from an airport. runway

To checkin at an airport means to present your airline ticket, passport and have your luggage weighed.

A control tower: the building in an airport which tells planes when it is safe for them to take off and land.

Items that you can buy at an airport without paying tax. duty free

The place in the airport where you go to get onto your flight. gate

To touch down: to land on the runway.
by scummy | 2007-12-13 19:29 | BBC

crossword - family

Your brothers and sisters are your siblings.
Single mothers are women who raise their children by themthelves.
The British, short, informal word for mother. mum
Your mother tongue is the language you grow up speaking.
A child with no brothers or sisters is an oly child.
A person or ruler that has complete power and tries to cotrol people's behaviour and thoughts. Big Brother
An agony aunt is someone who anawers people's emotional, work or family problems.
Your brother or sister's son. nephew
The American word for father or dad. pop
A chart that shows the relationship between different members of a family over a long period of time. family tree
by scummy | 2007-12-05 03:04 | BBC


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