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Jimmert (Saturday 12 January 2008)
no you didn't say anything wrong. if I sounded mad that's probably the internet. I just find it kinda funny that everytime blur comes up, someone mentions oasis and vice versa.

noelliamjohn (Saturday 12 January 2008)
did I say something wrong? I don't think so I just said that they are both genius, but I like more Noel as musician. The 90s feud against Oasis was one of most stupid things ever created, and it was fake. So don't get mad for nothing and calm down ok?

Jimmert (Saturday 12 January 2008)
seriously, when is this blur-oasis thing gonna stop? it's been more than ten years, get over it.

noelliamjohn (Saturday 12 January 2008)
great band, Graham is a fooking genius, not as Noel, but anyway he's a genius too, more than Damon in my opinion. The Universal is my favourite blur's song

Noreson (Saturday 12 January 2008)
Don't get greatest hits first because you'll fall into the 'Blur Singles" rut and not get out. You need to listen to full albums in their entirety. All of their albums are great, but start on Parklife then work your way up depending on what you like. Take notice that the great escape is a grower, it took me months to like it, and now it's my favourite.

EvilMalware (Saturday 12 January 2008)
I'm currently addicted to 13. Such a great, great album.

tiagosanchez (Friday 11 January 2008)
Chemical World is such an under-rated single.

leikoalaula (Wednesday 9 January 2008)
you can't say parklife is too british and recommend mlir o.O you might start with some random singles first, just to get a better idea of what they're like, and then leisure, mlir, etc. btw, i still can't believe that ernold same has more plays than chemical world o.o

councilestate (Wednesday 9 January 2008)
i agree with bolshevized but i'm a bit biased as those two albums are my favourites.

Bolshevized (Wednesday 9 January 2008)
I'd say Modern Life Is Rubbish and the self-titled are best for starters. Parklife is great but very British. Their Best Of isn't bad either, if you're into that sort of thing, but it ignores a lot of their earlier singles (especially those from Modern Life Is Rubbish, their best album IMO).

# CHESTER80 (Tuesday 1 January 2008)
Blur! We need new album, plizzz!

# Noreson (Tuesday 1 January 2008)
violatress: I think Alex is just giving us fans something to hang on to, some hope. At least it's something.

# banhos (Monday 31 December 2007)
we can see that u like it, prechtL

# violatress (Monday 31 December 2007)
@Dysrianism - no, it hasn't. It might be disappointing only for those, who expected Gorillaz to be second blur. And right now I'm only angry with Alex - he hyped the whole thing.

# councilestate (Sunday 30 December 2007)
well, yes, i agree, but i don't see that happening any time soon, unfortunately. i'd love for them to make one more album when the time is right.

# Noreson (Thursday 27 December 2007)
Guys you need to remember that they are a band - a team. If Damon and Graham don't enjoy each others company anymore, then the muscial output when working together will be very low. They need to make amends and get back to how they were if they are going to make a successful new album.

# Rahaha24 (Wednesday 26 December 2007)
Blur live at Reading Festival 2003, http://rahaha.blogspot.com/2007/12/out-of-time.html, enjoy xx

# Dysrianism (Monday 24 December 2007)
Damon should go back, his "project" "Gorillaz" has been dissapointing in comparison. I think they were a great team.

# streetgoodINC
"Come on, come on get through it. Love's the greatest thing we have." That's all I can say about it.

# councilestate (Friday 21 December 2007)
but both parties at one point wanted to reunite so they should at least give it one more go?

# Jimmert (Friday 21 December 2007)
if the guy doesn't want to reunite, then they shouldn't.

# councilestate (Friday 21 December 2007)
we kind of already know damon's side of the story, though, imo. i just want them to get together and make a blur record, regardless of that being their last and whatnot. i'd like them to end on at least a good note :(. and yw for the link!

# violatress (Friday 21 December 2007)
Oh well, so that embarrassing soap opera continues. I don't get Damon's point, what caused the drastic change in his attitude and why he's desperately trying to avoid recording with Graham (acting like a twat, BTW). Thanks for the link, first hand information is always the most valuable:) although we must remember we know only one part of the story.

# councilestate (Thursday 20 December 2007)
erggh, yeah, damon's kind of accusing graham of only wanting to reform for money. that's not obviously the case. this thread http://forums.grahamcoxon.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=17007 stemmed from the blur boards and graham gives his point of view there.

# violatress (Thursday 20 December 2007)
This is the quote that bothers me - Damon, 30 July 2007: "It's best that we all just get on with our lives. That's my conclusion. I've made that decision. I think it'd be a terrible mistake. It just seems pointless (...) It would just be so obviously for money, and that's just shit(...)My only reason for doing it is beacuse I sort of said I would"

# councilestate (Wednesday 19 December 2007)
violatress: damon didn't sound very enthused when he was asked about the blur reunion when he was interviewed for TGTBTQ. i'm pretty sure graham still keeps in touch with alex - i believe they even met up recently. it's looking like it's all about to damon right now but he's obviously got a lot more things going on and feels that blur isn't the top of his priorties.
by scummy | 2008-01-02 03:15 | Last.fm

last.fm "richard rawley"

He sounds so familar, yet original at the same time.

I am in love with Coles Corner. One of the most charming albums I've heard in a long while.

Anyone who likes Coles Corner really must pick up his earlier albums - all so good.

I met him and had a chat with him. He's a bloody lovely bloke!

Coles Corner. Bought it last summer, listened to it the other night for the first time all the way through. A sheer pleasure. The reason music exists and continues to thrive despite the fallacies given to us by the masses.

I was absolutely stunned after listening to Coles Corner. I need to check out this guy's other albums asap.

Coles Corner is an astonishing work of art. Hotel Room is undescribable

I'm shocked he has so few listeners. Some of the songs are just beautiful.

Tonight the streets are ours is lovely

It's staggering that for the majority of people he still remains an undiscovered talent. With such beautiful songs, and a fantastic voice to boot - you don't find many artists that can offer better than Hawley. Thought I'd second the shout for 'Hotel Room' while I'm at it - it's the first of Hawley's songs I ever heard, and which prompted me to buy Coles Corner in the first place. Simply gorgeous.

sounds like a mellow Leonard Cohen

Saw him last night. Absolutely fantastic musician and band and a fine comedian too. Look out for him at a venue near you.

mellow does'nt always mean lame. A great singer songwriter that should get recognition for his effort to give us all the awsome music he has put out. Coles Corner is amazing record allaround

Valentine sounds like the Verve
by scummy | 2007-09-26 11:34 | Last.fm


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