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aviary, perfidy, patrolman, legate, driblet

aviary - A large enclosure for holding birds in confinement.
Synonyms: volary, bird sanctuary
Usage: We visited the aviary to see the exotic birds advertised in the brochure.

perfidy - Deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust.
Synonyms: perfidiousness, treachery, betrayal, treason
Usage: Discovering that he had sold her confidences to the tabloids, she was outraged at his perfidy.

patrolman - A policeman who patrols a given region.
Synonyms: flatfoot
Usage: The patrolman was familiar with the area and knew the noises he was hearing were coming from foraging raccoons, not people.

legate - An official emissary, especially an official representative of the pope.
Synonyms: official emissary
Usage: Cardinal Giovanni Battista Caprara was the legate of Pope Pius VII in France.

driblet - A small quantity (especially of a liquid).
Synonyms: drop
Usage: A driblet of water escaped from the corner of her mouth.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:37 | english

Stygian, litigious, obdurate, opprobrious, inexorable

Stygian - Gloomy and dark; hellish.
Synonyms: dark, infernal, Acheronian
Usage: Children feared the monsters that were said to lurk in the depths of the Stygian forest.

litigious - Related to or tending to engage in lawsuits or disputes.
Synonyms: contentious, disputatious, argumentative
Usage: The aide had been so litigious that she was eventually fired for insubordination.

obdurate - Hardened against feeling; hardhearted.
Synonyms: flint, granitic, stony, flinty
Usage: The child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart.

opprobrious - Expressing contemptuous reproach; bringing disgrace.
Synonyms: abusive, scornful, shameful, ignominious
Usage: His opprobrious conduct during an assembly earned him a series of Saturday detentions.

inexorable - Not capable of being persuaded by entreaty; relentless.
Synonyms: relentless, grim, unappeasable, unrelenting, unforgiving, stern
Usage: The inexorable investigator questioned the witness repeatedly, long after she had been reduced to tears and claimed to know nothing more.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:36 | english

quandary, cerumen, anonym, bluejacket, ether

quandary - A state of uncertainty or perplexity.
Synonyms: dilemma, plight, predicament
Usage: The situation was awkward, but nothing like the quandary they had found themselves in when their car had broken down on a deserted road.

cerumen - A soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal.
Synonyms: earwax
Usage: A buildup of cerumen was irritating Billy's ear, so his mother gently cleaned the area with a cotton swab.

anonym - A pseudonym.
Synonyms: nom de guerre, pseudonym
Usage: Aware that all kinds of people would be reading the bulletin board, he used an anonym when posting messages on it.

bluejacket - An enlisted person in the US or British Navy; a sailor.
Synonyms: sailor, navy man, sailor boy
Usage: The big steam pinnace went off to her ship to bring over a few bluejackets to furl my sails for me.

ether - The element believed in ancient and medieval civilizations to fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and planets.
Synonyms: heavens, medium, quintessence
Usage: I dreamt that I rose higher and higher, until I was flying through the ether towards the stars.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:35 | english

auricular, perfidious, mellifluous, spurious, mercantile

auricular - Of or relating to the sense of hearing or the organs of hearing.
Synonyms: otic
Usage: This dignitary, conferring in secrecy, bent his head as though stooping to the Papistical practice of receiving auricular confession.

perfidious - Of, relating to, or marked by perfidy; treacherous.
Synonyms: punic, treacherous
Usage: After Frank betrayed him, James swore he would never forgive his friend's perfidious behavior.

mellifluous - Flowing with sweetness or honey.
Synonyms: mellisonant, dulcet, honeyed, sweet
Usage: This he filled up with alcohol, and stirred the fiery and mellifluous ingredients together.

spurious - Lacking authenticity or validity in essence or origin; not genuine.
Synonyms: specious, unauthentic
Usage: The professor explained to the student that her essay had received a "C" due to numerous examples of spurious reasoning.

mercantile - Of or relating to merchants or trade.
Synonyms: moneymaking, commercial
Usage: While the nation's farmers faced a depression, mercantile enterprises flourished.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:35 | english

fugacious, deleterious, hieratic, frowzy, baneful

fugacious - Passing away quickly; evanescent.
Synonyms: ephemeral, passing, short-lived, transitory, transient
Usage: Restless, shifting, fugacious as time itself is a certain vast bulk of the population of the red brick district of the lower West Side.

deleterious - Having a harmful effect; injurious.
Synonyms: injurious, hurtful
Usage: A guest speaker came to the high school to warn the students about the deleterious effects of smoking.

hieratic - Of or associated with sacred persons or offices; a cursive form of Egyptian hieroglyphics used especially by the priests; extremely formal or stylized, as in a work of art.
Synonyms: priestly, sacerdotal
Usage: The figures in Byzantine paintings are arranged in hieratic compositions, used as symbols for religious truths rather than true representations.

frowzy - Unkempt; slovenly.
Synonyms: slovenly, frowsy
Usage: Between his frowzy clothes and late arrival, he made a decidedly bad first impression.

baneful - Causing harm, ruin, or death.
Synonyms: pernicious, pestilent, deadly, harmful
Usage: He made some commonplace observation upon the baneful effect of the night air at the season.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:34 | english

hebetude, Zeitgeist, artistry, mnemonic, stalagmite

hebetude - Dullness of mind; mental lethargy.
Synonyms: lassitude, sluggishness
Usage: After the long weeks of summer hebetude, returning to school was a shock for many students.

Zeitgeist - The spirit of the time; the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation.
Synonyms: flavor, spirit, tone
Usage: As much as critics decry reality television, it seems to have become a part of the Zeitgeist.

artistry - A superior skill that one can learn by study and practice and observation.
Synonyms: prowess, art
Usage: They were wrought to such a pitch of nervous dread by the uncanny artistry of their witch-doctor, they were helpless with terror.

mnemonic - A device, such as a formula or rhyme, used as an aid in remembering.
Synonyms: aide-memoire
Usage: The students came up with a mnemonic to help themselves remember the colors of the rainbow.

stalagmite - A conical mineral deposit built up on the floor of a cavern, formed from the dripping of mineral-rich water.
Synonyms: dripstone
Usage: Navigating through the cave, they passed stalagmites formed in strange shapes that resembled monsters in the dim light.
by scummy | 2010-03-17 12:33 | english

March 12

This is an intense day for you during which the disharmony in different realms of your life crops up and spurs you on to action, Scorpio. Others may be ridiculously stubborn today, causing tension and frustration wherever you turn. Fun is the key to balancing out the equation. A jovial frame of mind and playful attitude will help remedy any situation that comes your way. Have a good time today.
by scummy | 2010-03-13 07:05 | english

waft, flummox, perambulate, exculpate, bode

waft - To cause to go gently and smoothly through the air or over water.
Synonyms: drift, float, blow
Usage: The scent of her perfume wafted through the room.

flummox - To confuse; perplex.
Synonyms: baffle, bewilder, nonplus, puzzle
Usage: The game was designed to flummox its players, presenting them with a series of complex riddles.

perambulate - To walk through.
Synonyms: walk about, walk around
Usage: She liked to perambulate the room with a duster in her hand, with which she stopped to polish the backs of already lustrous books, musing and romancing as she did so.

exculpate - To clear of guilt or blame.
Synonyms: acquit, assoil, exonerate, vindicate
Usage: He was exculpated from the charge when the real criminal confessed.

bode - To be an omen of.
Synonyms: augur, portend, foreshadow, presage, foretell
Usage: The peace accord bodes well for the city under siege.
by scummy | 2010-03-12 05:31 | english


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