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word bank #128

I'm not going shopping yet. It's pelting down with rain outside.
pelt down: "to rain heavily"

1. Industry is located on the east side of the town and the residential area is in the north.

2. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen of England.

3. The residents of the village have been collecting money for a local charity.

She's had to cancel the concert due to the fact that she's lost her voice.
"to lose your voice"
by scummy | 2009-02-08 21:36 | CPE

word bank #127

I had so many reports to plought through at work that I didn't get home until late at night.
plough through: "to do something that takes a lot of time"

1. He's studying to be a nutritionist at a local college.

2. We all need certain nutrients in order to stay healthy.

3. Most fast food is eaten for its convenience, not for its nutritional qualities.

I'm sorry but I can't bend the rules for you just because we are related. If I allowed you time off I'd have to do it for everyone.
"to bend the rule"
by scummy | 2009-02-08 21:32 | CPE

word bank #126

After a long and difficult meeting the two sides managed to hammer out an agreement.
hammer out: "to reach an agreement after a long or difficult discussion"

1. His premature death was untimely and took everyone by surprise.

2. Some clothes never seem to go out of fashion and are almost timeless.

3. He has been doing a great deal of overtime at weekends to earn some extra money.

1. Does Martin's behaviour give you the impression that he doesn't like his wife very much?

2. Make sure you're on time for the interview. You don't want to create a poor impression before it even starts.

3. The comedian does a great impression of the Prime Minister. He can mimic all his mannerisms.
by scummy | 2008-07-13 01:44 | CPE

word bank #125

I'm thinking of buying a dilapidated house and doing it up myself.
do up: "to renovate an old building"

1. There were very few westerners in the country and he stood out when walking down the streets.

2. A great deal of westernisation has taken place as a consequence of the process of globalisation.

3. He travelled westward in search of a better life.

1. Whisk the milk into the flour until it has a smooth consistency without any lumps whatsoever.

2. Many students find the transition from school to university less than smooth, especially if they are away from their families for the first time.

3. I don't trust that car salesman. He's far too smooth for my liking!
by scummy | 2008-07-11 02:10 | CPE

word bank #124

The original sales estimates now look over-optimistic, especially as we did not provide for a slump in the economy.
provide for: "to make arrangements for something"

1. The disgraced sportsperson spent a lot of time in the wilderness.

2. Winning the competition seemed beyond my wildest dream.

3. News of the terrorist attack spread like wildfire.

1. It was a pity she was a vegetarian. The buffet lunch had some delicious-looking chicken legs!

2. I really need to get up and stretch my legs after sitting down all day.

3. The girl rolled up the legs of her trousers before she went paddling in the sea.
by scummy | 2008-06-30 23:02 | CPE

word bank #123

She swears she's never going to have children because she doesn't want them to tie her down.
tie down: "to restrict someone's freedom"

1. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Smith as our guest speaker. Not only is he a renowned zoologist but also a prolific writer.

2. I collected a number of important zoological specimens during my trip to Africa.

3. Have you ever visited the Cambridge Museum of zoology. You must do as it's absolutely fascinating.

1. The child jammed his hands deep inside his pockets and stormed off in a huff.

2. The printer's not working again. It looks as though the paper has got jammed again.

3. During the Lord Mayor's procession the streets were jammed with people and the cars couldn't get through at all.
by scummy | 2008-06-30 22:57 | CPE

word bank #122

After the exams the whole of our class went bowling in order to wind down.
wind down: "to relax after doing something stressful"

1. He's great to have in an emergency because he's so resourceful.

2. The Health Service is in a poor state because it has been under-resourced for many years.

3. The winning team was praised by the competition organisers for showing tremendous resourcefulness.

1. She caught an internal flight to Edinburgh because it was much faster than going there by train or road.

2. The man who was attacked by thugs sustained some horrific internal injuries in addition to severe bruising.

3. Has everyone seen the chairman's internal memo? It was sent to the whole department last week.
by scummy | 2008-06-30 02:53 | CPE

word bank #121

The Government tried to paper over the fact that there was a lot of disunity in the Party.
paper over: "to hide a difficulty or a mistake"

1. He was told to go underground until the police had stopped looking for him.

2. The criticisms levelled at the minister are totally groundless and without justification.

3. During his training he was given a good grounding in the skills he needed as a chef.

1. My grandfather is a kind and gentle man who wouldn't hurt a fly.

2. This soap is specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin.

3. The first time I went skiing I stuck to the most gentle slopes to begin with until I became more confident.
by scummy | 2008-06-23 22:08 | CPE

word bank #120

The family surprised everyone by announcing they'd be auctioning off some of their art collection. Everyone had thought
they were financially sound.
auction off: "to sell to the highest bidder"

1. I work in an advisory capacity for the local Chamber of Commerce.

2. He had a meeting with several of his top advisors to see if they could come up with a solution to the problem.

3. It is inadvisable to eat a heavy meal before taking exercise as you are likely to suffer from stomach cramps.

1. The blood matched that found at the scene of the crime.

2. Our profits last year certainly matched that of our main rivals.

3. I'm sure they'll stay together forever! They're such a well matched couple.
by scummy | 2008-06-12 04:10 | CPE

word bank #119

Her mother bundled her off to school and then enjoyed a few hours of peace at home.
bundle off: "to send someone off somewhere in a hurry"

1. I am colour blind and find it very difficult to differentiate between certain colours.

2. A key aspect of teaching mixed ability classes is the ability of the teacher to deal with the issue of differentiation.

3. The trade union was fighting a battle against the differentials in pay between workers in different industries.

1. Under the terms of our agreement you are supposed to deliver the goods within 24 hours.

2. Are you on good terms with the new boss?

3. I was absolutely furious and told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her.
by scummy | 2008-06-05 23:56 | CPE


by scummy


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