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crossword - Summer

1. A pair of sunglasses

2. So hot it is difficult to breathe

3. At down on the Summer Solstice, the rising sun lines up directly with these famous stones in south west England

4. A period of extremely hot and dry weather that lasts for several days or even weeks

5. An informal meal which you eat outside (in your garden, a park or other outside space). Most of the food is served cold

6. Light open shoes with straps

7. Food cooked on an outdoor grill

8. A two piece swimsuit

9. A piece of strong cloth hung between two supports (often trees) and used as a bed

10. A small village summer festival
by scummy | 2009-07-18 23:23 | BBC

crossword - British food

1. Yorkshire pudding: a kind of savoury puff pastry eaten with beef

2. Scotland's national dish, made from oatmeal and the internal organs of a sheep or a young cow, boiled in a bag made of skin

3. A sweet cold dish made of fruit, sponge cake, custard and cream

4. Potatoes that go with clue 6

5. A type of British cheese with blue lines

6. An informal word for sausages

7. American's call these fries: they go with clue 8!

8. A popular and traditional take-away food in Britain: fishand clue 7!

9. Roast beef (or lamb, pork or chicken): traditionally eaten for Sunday lunch

10. Eaten with clotted cream and jam for tea!
by scummy | 2009-03-28 08:08 | BBC

crossword - Romance

1. A person (usually a woman) who delivers a kiss to a person of your choice

2. A name people in love give each other or call each other

3. It was love at first sight: when two people fall in love with each other as soon as they meet

4. A colour associated with love

5. A phrase used to describe the very strong feelings of love you have for someone
fall in love

6. The 14th February
valentaine day

7. To have a crush on someone: to really like someone, even though you may not know them well

8. A secret admirer: someone who likes someone else but keeps it a secret

9. The romantic and usually not very lasting love that a young person feels for someone

10. To talk to somebody in the hope of starting a romantic relationship
chat up
by scummy | 2009-02-14 20:37 | BBC

crossword - Shoes

1. To be down on one's upper: to be very poor. It means that their shoes have lost the sole and heel, only the top part of the shoe remains.

2. Shoes that have thick soles sitting under the front part of the foot to make you look taller

3. The bottom of a shoe

4. Soft shoes that you wear in the house

5. Light open shoes with straps

6. Shortened form of wellington boot

7. To be/look down at heel: to be or look untidy and uncared for.

8. Shoes which you can use for different sports and exercise

9. A set of short pointed pieces of metal or plastic fixed to the bottom of shoes worn for some sports

10. A person who mends shoes
by scummy | 2009-01-17 07:33 | BBC

crossword - Restaurant

1. A Lazy Susan is a circular piece of wood or plastic which is put on a table and can be turned around so that everyone at a circular table can reach the food

2. A informal word for a dessert, the dish which comes after the main meal

3. A food that is famous in a particular region or town

4. To pick up the bill in a restaurant means to pay a bill, especially for other people

5. Side dishes - smaller portions you order to go with your main meal

6. A meal in a restaurant where you help yourself

7. A list of the dishes that you can choose to eat in a restaurant

8. We use this word to refer to a professional cook who works in a restaurant

9. An informal word for café

10. A menu of the different wines that a restaurant sells
wine list
by scummy | 2008-12-14 16:12 | BBC

crossword - Auction

1. The hammer price is the cost of something at an auction

2. An auction house is a place where people make higher and higher offers of money, in competition with each other, until the item is sold to the person who is willing to pay most

3. Objects, often sold at auction, which remind a person of something

4. At an auction, a lot is one of the objects that is being sold

5. The man or woman who is in charge of the the auction---------auctioneer

6. Something which is "Going under the hammer" is being sold at auction

7. An offer to pay a particular amount of money to buy something----------bid

8. To reach a price of----------fetch

9. The person making a bid------------bidder

10. Something bought cheaply or for less than its usual price-----------bargain
by scummy | 2008-10-01 02:05 | BBC

crossword - Architecture

1. Another word for a balcony-----------gallery

2. A raised flat area of gravel or grass where people can sit or walk and admire the view-----------terrace

3. A tall, narrow building-----------tower

4. A smooth slope (which can be used instead of steps)-----------ramp

5. A tall, vertical post, often made of stone and with a cylindrical shape----------column

6. A building of special historical or architectural interest-----------listed

7. A round roof------------dome

8. A Gothic vault is a medieval arched roof-----------vault

9. The levels of a building above the ground - in America, these are usually called storeys-----------floors

10. The framework or structure of a building----------shell
by scummy | 2008-09-26 02:33 | BBC

crossword - Keeping fit

1. An ancient form of Chinese exercise. taichi

2. To run slowly. jog

3. Theenergy we get from food. calories

4. Short for 'cardio-vascular exercise'. Exercises designed to help your haert and lungs. cardio

5. To push your body means to go to the limit of your performance.

6. Aerobics is an example of high impact exercise.

7. A place where you can find exercise machines such as bicycles, and maybe a swimming pool. gym

8. A form of exercise that strengths the muscles that surround the spine. pilates

9. Very energetic fitness exercises, often performed to music. aerobics

10. To gain weight. put on
by scummy | 2008-06-08 20:38 | BBC

crossword - winter

1. A snow storm. blizzard

2. To break the ice means to make people eho have not met before feel more relaxed and confortable with each other.

3. The volume and weight of the ice. ice mass

4. The machine used to clear snow from roads and paths. snow plough

5. The areas of a hill or mountain which are used for skiing. ski slopes

6. To change from ice to water. melt

7. When animals sleep through the winter. hibernation

8. A half-pipe is a snowboarding event where the competitior performs special tricks on a curved track.

9. Moving ove ice wearing special shoes with metal blades. skating
by scummy | 2008-06-01 21:44 | BBC

crossword - magic

A thin stick you hold in your hand to do magic tricks. wand

A woman who is believed to have magic power. witch

To speak the words of a spell. cast

An adjective meaning something that uses magic or something very special. magical

If children leave one of their baby teeth under their pillow, while they sleep, the tooth fairy will take it away and leave a gift of some money.

"To have a trick up your sleeve" means that you have a secret plan that you will use at the right time in order to be successful.

A wizard who lived long ago in Britain in the region of King Arthur. merlin

A dead person who has been brought back to life by supernatural magic. zombie

The male equivalent of a witch. warlock

Words used to perform magic. spell
by scummy | 2008-05-26 22:56 | BBC


by scummy


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